From PyPI

This packages is available on PyPI (requires Python 3):

$ pip install dtaidistance

This requires OpenMP to be available on your system. If this is not the case, use:

$ pip install --global-option=--noopenmp dtaidistance

A version compiled without OpenMP (OMP) might raise an exception when parallelization is required. To avoid this exception, you can force the method to use Python’s multiprocessing library for parallelization by providing the –use_mp=True option.

Depending on your system, this might not install the C version. To guarantee installation of the C extensions (which enable much faster DTW alignment), follow the instructions in the “From Source” section below.


If the C-library is not available after compilation you can try the following steps to identify the problem:

  1. Call the dtw.try_import_c(verbose=True) function that will print the status of the package.

  2. Reinstall with pip install -v --upgrade --force-reinstall --no-build-isolation --no-binary dtaidistance dtaidistance and call dtw.try_import_c(verbose=True) again. The --no-build-isolation is present to use your already installed versions of Cython and Numpy instead of downloading recent versions in an isolation build environment (PEP 517). When you are using an older version of Numpy, the pre-compiled package might trigger binary incompatibility errors.

Troubleshootimg (OMP):

If the OMP library is not detected during compilation, parallel execution in c is not available. If OMP is installed but not found, there is probably an issue with the options given to the compiler. A few variations are available to try alternative options:

# To include -lgomp (when using GOMP instead of OMP)
$ pip install --global-option=--forcegnugcc dtaidistance
# To include -lomp:
$ pip install --global-option=--forcellvm dtaidistance
# To remove the -Xpreprocessor option (can be combined with the above):
$ pip install --global-option=--noxpreprocessor dtaidistance

If problems persist, consider using the Python environment (see next section) for which precompiled versions are available.

From Conda / Anaconda

This package is available on (incuding precompiled binary versions for Linux, Macos, and Windows):

$ conda install -c conda-forge dtaidistance

From Github

If you want to install the latest, unreleased version using pip:

$ pip install git+

This requires OpenMP to be available on your system. If this is not the case, use:

$ pip install --global-option=--noopenmp git+

From source

The library can also be compiled and/or installed directly from source.

python3 build_ext --inplace
  • Install into your site-package directory:

python3 install

This requires OpenMP to be available on your system. If this is not the case, use:

$ python3 --noopenmp build_ext --inplace

In case OpenMP is available but the compiler is unable to detect the library, a few options are available to change the compiler arguments:

  • --forcegnugcc: Include the -lgomp argument

  • --forcellvm: Include the -lomp argument

  • --noxpreprocessor: Remove the -Xpreprocessor argument

  • python3 -h: To see al options

Without Numpy

Most of the dtaidistance package works just fine without Numpy. It is required at installation because most deployments require Numpy support (to feed Numpy arrays as input) and therefore the package needs to be compiled with Numpy support.

If you want to remove the Numpy dependency, remove it from pyproject.toml file.

From C

A number of algorithms (DTW, Barycenter averaging) are implemented in C. They can be called directly from C source code as they do not rely on Python. All files can be found in dtaidistance/lib/DTAIDistanceC/DTAIDistanceC/. An example Makefile and XCode project are available. Example usage can be seen in the dd_benchmark.c, dd_tests_dtw.c, and dd_tests_matrix.c files.

For example:

$ gcc -c -o DTAIDistanceC/dd_benchmark.o DTAIDistanceC/dd_benchmark.c -Wall -g -Xpreprocessor -fopenmp
$ gcc -c -o DTAIDistanceC/dd_dtw_openmp.o DTAIDistanceC/dd_dtw_openmp.c -Wall -g -Xpreprocessor -fopenmp
$ gcc -c -o DTAIDistanceC/dd_ed.o DTAIDistanceC/dd_ed.c -Wall -g -Xpreprocessor -fopenmp
$ gcc -o dd_benchmark DTAIDistanceC/dd_benchmark.o DTAIDistanceC/dd_dtw.o DTAIDistanceC/dd_dtw_openmp.o DTAIDistanceC/dd_ed.o -Wall -g -Xpreprocessor -fopenmp -lomp
$ ./dd_benchmark
Benchmarking ...
OpenMP is supported
Creating result array of size 17997000
Execution time = 7.000000